Moro Mou, which is Greek for 'My Baby' is a family-run business created by us, three sisters who now live in three different countries.


We all gave birth to our first child within the space of fourteen months and despite living so far from one another we found ourselves growing closer than ever. We spent our time (when we weren't changing nappies!) reminiscing about our own childhood. We were lucky enough to have had a beautiful childhood with Summers spent by the sea, Winters in the forest and endless days of playing make-believe with our shared toys. We realised how important our childhood memories were, etched in our minds for a lifetime and allowing us to feel a warm sense of nostalgia.


We remembered the toys we played with that were passed down through generations; traditional wooden blocks and cars, knitted dolls and role-play toys that ignited our wild imaginations. We realised how important play was to us as children and also how 'throw-away' and 'plastic' children's toys had become since those days!


We decided to create a destination online store providing our customers and fellow parents with a place they could shop for children's toys and accessories that were created to last and be passed down from sibling to sibling, whilst also complimenting a modern family home.


We have been careful in selecting brands and products that coincide with our ethos; to be beautiful, ethically produced, well-made and sustainable where possible. We noted that some online stores have an overwhelming choice of product, so we also decided that we wanted to offer a curated range of pieces, offering our customer what we feel is the best available and saving them precious time scouring the internet. 


Inclusivity also resounds with us, we believe that all children should be represented in the books they read and dolls they play with. We vowed to only stock brands that were diverse in the toys they offered and images they provided of their products.


We are so proud of Moro Mou and hope that we will develop a community and life-long friends in our customers as our business grows. We are always open to suggestions so please contact us if you have any and we thank you for your support.


Love Carla, Ellie, Beth x

Who We Are